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Data publikacji w serwisie: 8 maja 2024 r.

Research internship at Shakarim University (Semey, Kazakhstan)

Doctoral students Zofia Wojciechowska and Aleksandra Proch are currently undergoing a two-month internship at Shakarim University in Semey (Kazakhstan).

The aim of the stay is to exchange knowledge in the field of radioecological research and environmental pollution. Doctoral students participate in the work carried out at the Department of Chemical Technology and Ecology. The internship also includes meetings with students and teachers of the Department to discuss future research and possibilities of international cooperation. They pay particular attention to the exchange of experience in the field of modern methods and technologies in environmental sciences. In addition, the PhD students visited the museum in Kurchatov about the Semipalatinsk test site and learned about the history of radioecological research in the region. In the Semey forest, they could directly see examples of the methods of recultivation and improvement of the ecological situation in the affected areas.

We wish Zosia and Ola an equally interesting and effective next month of internship!

More information:

Internship financed by the Erasmus+ project